About Us

Global Managed Pressure Drilling Services (GMPDS) LLP. Is a Kazakhstan based and registered engineering company supply of Engineering support and personal for all aspects drilling operations.
Global Managed Pressure Drilling Services (GMPDS) is 33% Kazakh owned and operated and strives for increased local content.
Our principle engineers have been involved in Kazakh operations since 2001 and have been involved with all CHCD/PMCD operations in Kashagan, Karachaganak, as well as the initial stages of Tengiz operations. All of our consultant engineers have extensive experience in Kazakh operations.
With Global Managed Pressure Drilling Services (GMPDS) there is no learning curve or knowledge deficit and resultant expenses.
Our Principle have over 75 years of experience in all aspects of Drilling. And over 50 years of Managed Pressure Drilling experience in all parts of the world and all kinds of Drilling environments

Our Services

Well Design

The discovery of High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) fields in Asia Pacific, the North Sea, US land, Gulf of Mexico and numerous other places around the world during the last three decades has ...