Project Management

GMPDS Project Management professionals have years of client-side, well-engineering, and/or management experience. Our professionals have oilfield knowledge in offshore and land-based drilling and completions, as well as strong project management acumen.
We are here to solve your toughest problems. Regardless of how you want to manage your project, our project managers and coordinators can give you peace of mind that everything will be done right.
Our experience negotiating and managing procurement, contracts, and logistics can help lower your risk and cost of operation. We also bring you the financial benefits of economies of scale by communicating with all vendors to ensure smooth handoffs, safe operations, and a single point of contact for all aspects of project planning and execution.
GMPDS Integrated Project Management is a process and expertise driven approach to the management of drilling and completion programs.
As leaders of highly qualified teams with global experience, GMPDS Project Managers understand how the many pieces of your project are connected. Through a collaborative and inclusive process these teams develop and apply innovative solutions to produce effective well designs and completion plans. To provide this level of understanding, GMPDS well construction and completion project teams encompass a wide range of disciplines and job functions, from geology, geophysics, and engineering to operations, supply chain, safety, regulatory compliance, and management.
By maintaining a core group on your project, GMPDS project management teams can apply lessons learned on one well to the next well helping you optimize your operation. Additionally, GMPDS Project Management’s world-wide portfolio of operations can bring additional savings to your project by applying this extensive knowledge base to all projects where we are involved.